Girlfriends Guide to dating: Sharing food on a first date

Published: 22nd December 2009
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Sharing food on a first date can be romantic as long as it is sharing. But what do you do if the guy reaches over and takes food straight off your plate. This can be just plain rude. What do you do in this situation? This is my girlfriends guide to dating - sharing food on a first date.

First impressions
Are you put off by him taking food off your plate? Do you think this is just rude? What is your first reaction? Are you disgusted by his behaviour?

What do you do next?
The best thing to do is to make a joke about it. Say something like "You should wait until the second date before you start stealing my food!" Hopefully he will think you are funny and not some kind of germophobe or anything like that. Laugh at yourself but don´t be too blunt about making your point.

What if he does't get the point?
If he doesn´t get the point by your jokey comment then make sure this first date is your last date. Its not your job to teach manners to a guy and you shouldn't feel responsible for his rudeness.

This is an easy dating moment to solve. Just follow your gut. Remember stay positive and jokey. Always keep a smile on your face and you should be fine. Just remember no matter how cute the guy is if he doesn´t have manners forget it! Unless he is really cute then you can work on those manners over time.

Hope you enjoyed my girlfriends guide to dating. If you want more free dating tips and advice check out this site

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